Toronto’s Boutique Residential REIT

Boutique Living, Superior Returns

Alliance REIT invests in Toronto real estate by developing and managing boutique loft style rental apartments in desirable downtown neighbourhoods. Alliance REIT creates communities and reinvests in Toronto neighbourhoods by strategically sourcing, developing and managing well located turn of century buildings into highly sought-after boutique residential rental apartments. Alliance REIT is an open-ended fund, RRSP and TFSA eligible and available to accredited investors and on Fundserv using purchase code BEL900.

Inspired Renovations

Excellent Locations

Alliance REIT has Outperformed Major Indices and the Toronto Real Estate Market

Alliance REIT’s Toronto real estate investment strategy has returned 10.35% year over year since 2016 inception for a cumulative total return of 123.58%. Alliance REIT aims to outperform the Toronto real estate market by identifying properties in up-and coming neighbourhoods well ahead of the gentrification stage and efficiently developing them into premium boutique multi-residential rental apartments.

Tax-Efficient Private Residential REIT that is RRSP & TFSA Eligible

Unique Strategy

Alliance focuses on local neighbourhoods and residents’ experiences. We invest in up and coming neighbourhoods in Toronto. Properties in these neighbourhoods have shown immediate strong rental demand while enjoying superior capital appreciation upside.

Experienced Leadership with Decades of Real Estate Experience

Alliance’s leadership team have decades of experience in residential real estate, creative development and property management.

Active Management of All Aspects of the Investment Portfolio

Alliance is fully integrated and manages all aspects of acquisition, development and management of all its properties.

Tax Efficient Investment Vehicle – RRSP/TFSA Eligible

Alliance provides investors direct exposure to Toronto real estate through a tax efficient RRSP eligible vehicle. Tax deferred property roll-in options are available for current property owners.

Enhanced Diversification & Liquidity

Alliance provides investors access to the alternative asset class of private real estate. As an open-ended fund, investments in Alliance are not locked in and are open to investments and redemption on a monthly basis.